When the parent of your child’s friend is a narcissist or just plain difficult

I have a parenting blog over at PsychologyToday.com. When Narcissism: Surviving the Self-Involved came out, I put together a post that addressed the issue of difficult parents. From the post titled: “Is the Carpool Swimming With Narcissists”:

“I’ve overheard conversations and spoken with parents who indicate that dealing with the parents of their kids’ friends seems to be as complex, perplexing and aggravating as the situations their kids (of all ages) are dealing with: competitiveness, one-upmanship, snubbing, over-anxiousness that leads to being cold and terse, broken promises, self centeredness–the list goes on. The more forgiving parent might call the other parent “intense” (wink, wink); the less forgiving might label the other parent a narcissist.”

In that post I asked several parents to weigh in on how they deal with those adults who annoy and aggravate. Click here to read the responses o:

•Monica Bhide-food, travel, parenting writer, chef and cookbook author www.monicabhide.com

•Barbara Bietz-educator, writer, blogger, and book reviewer who has served on the Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee www.barbarabietz.com

•Hollye Dexter-mom of three, author of two memoirs and co-editor of Dancing at the Shame Prom Theshameprom.com

•Marian Henley-creator of comic strip Maxine, and author of three books http://www.marianhenley.com/

•June Sobel-award-winning children’s book author http://www.junesobel.com/