What Readers Say

“Great book. I am re-reading bits EVERYDAY to remind myself as to why I don’t want my significant other Narcissist in my life.”

“This book was helpful for sure. Made me feel like I am not crazy for experiencing the things that I have.”

“Resnick offers coping methods and practical advice from a knowledgeable viewpoint.”

“…this book is an effortless read and gives just enough information and support…”

“…a perfect primer…”

“I only wish Meredith Resnick wrote this book thirty years ago to help me understand and navigate the narcissists in my life.”

“…this book really helped me.”

“Very thoughtful and well done book designed to help on a day by day basis as you get over the narcissist!”

 “… provide[s] confirming help in managing … the deep pain of living or working with someone with NPD.”

“Informative information on how to … keep my sanity intact.”

“I found this book to be the guide I will keep in my back-pocket always to help me navigate the ugly waters of dealing with Narcissists.”

“After reading this guidebook I am so relieved that I am not crazy!”

“This useful ebook tells you everything you need to know.”

“I highly recommend Resnick’s book as a resource to anyone who interacts with a narcissist on a daily basis. It’s the book you’ll turn to again and again for guidance and comfort.”

“…this may be the best … dollars you have ever spent in your life.”

“This author is genius at boiling down a very complex topic to its essentials and giving you a sense that you are not alone in the often lifelong battle that is having a relationship, be it a friendship, romance, or family connection, with a narcissist.”

“This book packs a lot of practical real-life information into a short space — stuff that doesn’t appear on psychology websites…Because of this book, I understand better what makes an “N” tick and why the workplace drama overwhelmed me.”

“Highly recommended.”