The things narcissist parents say (even to little kids)

To get attention, the narcissist parent says whatever it takes, often contradicting him/herself and leaving the young child confused. These are things that a narcissist parent might say to a child–not only an adult child but to a young child as well (parentheses indicated unsaid thoughts):

  • No one loves me (you better).
  • I’ll always be alone.
  • You constantly disappoint me.
  • You never disappoint me. You’re the only one who doesn’t.
  • No one appreciates me.
  • You don’t appreciate me.
  • At least you appreciate me.
  • You’re so greedy. You take everything for you. What about me?
  • This is not the life I wanted.
  • Grow up (and pay attention to me).
  • All the hard work is mine.
  • We’ll always have each other (but what I really mean is…you better not leave me).