The Politics of Narcissism

In a blog post on, Melissa Burkley Ph.D. explains the  differences between the narcissistic traits between democrats and republicans via maladaptive facets of narcissism including entitlement and exhibitionism. Burke cites a study conducted before the 2016 election:

“…When it came to entitlement, those who were high in this facet of narcissism were much more likely to hold conservative political views. They were more likely to oppose a tax raise, gun control, and policies that would allow refugees or immigrants to enter the country. Essentially, these “Red Narcissists” believe that their group is more deserving of certain benefits and rights than other groups…

And what about exhibitionism? Interestingly, the exact opposite pattern emerged for this facet of narcissism. People high in exhibitionism tended to hold liberal political views on taxes, gun control, and immigration. However, unlike their red brethren, these “Blue Narcissists” demonstrated a much stronger identification with their own political party….”

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