The Narcissist Parent: “Sorry! You’re Flawed. I’m Not. Deal With It.”

As we move toward “The Days” (Mother’s Day and Father’s Day) I wrote a piece for about looking back across the family life cycle as a way to understand, holistically, the narcissist/narcissistic dynamic.

I started thinking about the issue of aging, and how the individual roles shift as family members get older. And I started thinking that age and intellect do not alone make the pain go away. In a way, as I write over at, it’s actually feeling the sadness and synthesizing it that can help make what feels like ingrained pain begin to finally subside.

I go into more detail about it in the book, When Your Parent Is a Narcissist, using Erikson’s stages as a framework for exploration. In the meantime, have a look at the post if you are so inclined.