Risks of Ruminating

Dwelling on negative thoughts, known as ruminating, is understandably detrimental to mental health and wellness. However, in an article titled “The Hazards of Rumination for Your Mental and Physical Health” featured on U.S. News, Stacey Colino points out that persistent ruminating can cause physical consequences as well. Colino writes:

“…research has linked this tendency toward overthinking with numerous harmful behaviors, particularly overeating and drinking too much alcohol, as well as health consequences such as an increased risk of developing depression, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure and other toxic effects. A study…found that when people ruminate after a stressful experience, it takes them longer to recover physiologically…compared to those who use distraction tactics. Previous research…found that people with a tendency to ruminate experience exaggerated and prolonged increases in their blood pressure and heart rate…”

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