Remember Your Options

I have options. I need not hold onto the fantasy of my relationship any longer. How I see myself and the narcissist is evolving on a daily basis. I’m allowed to change my mind, to stand up for myself. I also know that I’m not always the expert—nor do I need to be. I am growing, seeking to learn, to better myself.

What a relief to learn that I also have choices as to when not to act, to speak, to engage. It’s a humbling part of my recovery.

An important step in healing is focusing on myself. Focusing doesn’t mean blaming and it doesn’t mean pointing out flaws. It means being aware of what I need in the present moment. I notice how meeting my own needs and putting myself first is getting more comfortable.

Adapted from Surviving the Narcissist: 30 Days of Recovery: Whether You’re Loving, Leaving, or Living With One


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