Narcissists and Chaos

In a post on Psychology Today titled “Why Narcissists Thrive On Chaos” Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D. chronicles a study conducted by Sindes Dawood and Aaron Pincus of Pennsylvania State University. The study determined a link between narcissism and frenzied behavior. Whitbourne writes:

It might strike you that people who insist on coming across as unbelievably busy and harried actually enjoy this constant state of confused over-commitment. Sure, you think, they may indeed have important jobs or roles in life, but there must be a way they can be better organized and calmer.  As it turns out their continually chaotic lives may be a function of a high degree of narcissism. They may not actually enjoy the state of frenzy, but instead are driven to give off this impression to cover up their own feelings of despair and lack of importance.”

Whitbourne explains the results:

“…people high in the pathological type of narcissism are likely to experience the extreme high of feeling that they rule the world, but when things don’t turn out as planned, become despondent and out of control. The disruption they cause in everyone else’s lives, according to this view, is part of the pattern of needing to fuel their sense of self-importance.”

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