Narcissism of Hollywood’s Making

I recently wrote about narcissism for Jane Boursaws television and movie online magazine Reel Life With Jane. I noted in the piece that, “when it comes to the creative process of character development in movies, books, even shorter pieces, it’s interesting that the more extreme the personality, the better. In real life, however, this is most definitely not the case.”

I wrote that, I didn’t know of many (or anyone, for that matter), who “consciously [sought] out this type of person for a relationship — romantic, work or otherwise. However, put a well-crafted, well-written narcissistic character (as a fictional character, that is; the nonfiction ones are just bores!) on television or in a movie (I am not talking about reality shows, either), and we’re intrigued, mesmerized, and sucked in (without actually being chewed up and spit out!).”

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