Married To a Narcissist

In an excellent piece from Noteworthy – The Journal Blog, “Healing From This” depicts her experience being married to a narcissist. She writes:

If I loved something, he would hate it. If I hated something, he would love it. Everything I stood for — he stood for the opposite — and it got worse with time. Of course, in the beginning, to lure me in, he pretended that he was into all the things that I was into… I thought he was authentic and often I would think to myself how lucky I was that I found someone who I had so much in common with. But, it turns out, all the things that we had “in common” were not really true. He just pretended to like them so that he can make me think that I was his soulmate.

Read “I was married to a narcissist for 12 years — and I had NO idea” here

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