Harassment and Apology

In an article from The New York Times, Jonah Engel Bromwich interviews comedy writer Megan Ganz, who asked for and received an apology from her former boss, Dan Harmon. Harmon abused his position of power to harass and mistreat Ganz after she rejected his romantic advances. Ganz says:

“The most important part of the apology was its specificity. He gave a complete account of what he did. Not the salacious details that people focus on — was it in a bar? what time? who was there? — but the ugly little realities. He knew that I didn’t welcome his advances. He did it anyway…The irony is, Dan was the only person who could wipe those doubts from my head. That’s why I was able to accept his apology. Because I felt vindicated, to others but more importantly to myself.”

Read the entire interview here

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