Cultivating Nostalgia

An interesting idea featured on NPR ponders the concept of nostalgia, especially in these tumultuous times. Shankar Vedantam of Hidden Brain says:

“One thing many of us have realized these past few months is how much we value the people in our lives. Maybe you’ve had a Zoom happy hour with friends you haven’t seen in years. Maybe you’ve taken long walks with family, and noticed new things about your community. Maybe you’ve found yourself just sitting and doing nothing, and connecting with yourself. For those of us who lead frenetic lives, that can be a novel experience.

One useful exercise to practice in these times is to close your eyes and ask yourself what you will feel nostalgic about when you look back on the early months of 2020. What will you smile about? What will you miss? Thinking about the present through the eyes of your future self can tell you what is important and beautiful in your life right now.” 

Listen to the podcast episode and read “The Time Machine: How Nostalgia Prepares Us For The Future” here

Photo by Flickr