Co-Parenting With a Narcissist

“A narcissistic parent manipulates, projects, attacks, and makes nice to their child—to keep the focus on the narcissist. Their parenting style can fluctuate from authoritarian to best friend. They are always seeking to meet their own needs. This does not reflect on or have anything to do with what the child needs.” Adapted from When Your Parent Is a Narcissist 

In a blog post featured on Psychology Today, Erin Leonard Ph.D. offers five tips on how to best co-parent with a narcissist. Leonard writes:

“…A narcissist has minimal ability to understand another person’s perspective…Often, a narcissist lacks empathy, which is what a child needs to thrive emotionally. They are able to sympathize because they become the powerful saver and rescuer, which strokes their ego. Yet, pity strips children of their self efficacy and teaches them to play the victim.”

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