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I’m growing more interested in the subtle cues that present themselves…I’m beginning to understand that this is my intuition, which I can also think of as my heart and mind working in union. The more I practice paying attention to the cues my intuition gives…the more I reinforce its power, and the stronger my ability [...]

A recent New York Times column titled “A Former ‘Yes’ Addict Confronts The Pains Of Recovery” features an interesting excerpt from Steve Almond and Cheryl Strayed’s advice podcast, “Dear Sugars.” They discuss the importance of setting boundaries, saying “no” and answer a question from someone struggling with the emotions that have surfaced once they began [...]

When we are hyper-focused on our self-perceived flaws (an unflattering new haircut or a coffee stained shirt, for example), we believe that other people will notice them too. However, research shows that this is not the case. Others do not notice these details as much as we think they do. However, at the same time, [...]

In an article from The Washington Post titled “From ‘Nut job’ to ‘Wacko,’ Trump’s history of using insulting words mocks mental health,” Amy B Wang chronicles Donald Trump’s penchant for using labels that denote mental illness as insults. Wang explains how this stigmatizes mental illness and negatively shapes cultural perception. “…Trump’s flippant usage of such [...]

As a result of an entanglement with a narcissist, we may feel: {exploited} the result of feeling used for another’s needs. {left out} if you’ve worked hard to make the narcissist feel comfortable, they may have no use for you now. {ridiculed, and then humiliated} it is typical for a narcissist to put down someone [...]

Some signs of narcissism can be more subtle. If we are open to the signs, we can better recognize narcissistic behavior. Here are some narcissistic characteristics we often “accept”: The narcissist tends to: –Take ideas—as in steal your ideas, jokes, stories, as well as credit for a job well done. They might even tell you, [...]

With the narcissist, it’s often the unspoken words that carry the crucial part of the message. Notice the underlying meanings and [unspoken words]. If you stay, I’ll help you fix everything you need to fix [for me]. If you leave, you’re a quitter [and we* don’t accept quitters]. *the narcissist doesn’t speak for the self [...]

“…Vulnerability allows me to examine my past behaviors… I’ll refrain from putting myself down, from berating myself, and even from trying to “improve” myself if I use these attempts to improve as excuses to shame myself. I need not judge my feelings, only notice them…Vulnerability is a gift. Today, I’m learning to be vulnerable with [...]

Despite being wrongly blamed for causing intimacy problems, family troubles, and miserable financial woes, many people, particularly women (and some men, too) stay too long in a relationship with a narcissist, sacrificing their sanity, reputation, dignity and more. Many of these men and women go to great lengths to work on the relationship without realizing [...]

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