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In an article on, Brian Resnick explores the concept of Intellectual Humility, depicting why it’s so difficult but important to admit when we are wrong. After exploring various scientific studies, Resnick writes: “To be intellectually humble doesn’t mean giving up on the ideas we love and believe in. It just means we need to [...]

“Letting go can trigger feelings of loss and abandonment. Perhaps the fear of the abandonment is an echo of the abandonment you’ve felt most of your life. These thoughts are old wounds resurfacing in order to be examined, cleansed, and healed—by you. Only you can heal them now.” Adapted from When Your Parent Is a [...]

“As a friend, partner, acquaintance or coworker of someone who is narcissistic, we may see their cloak, or facade. Their disguise is an act and signifies a lack of authentic self. The pain of facing this lack is too much to bear for the narcissist—so they rail against it and attack anyone they perceive as [...]

In a post featured on Psychology Today, Elinor Greenberg, Ph.D. explains what can happen when you enter a friendship with a narcissist. Greenberg writes: “People with narcissistic personality disorder have little or no emotional empathy. They can also be devaluing about other people. Eventually, your narcissistic friend is likely to say something that hurts your [...]

“Despite a wealth of charisma almost too good to be true, the narcissist is riddled with neediness, loneliness, fear and rage. These feelings, which have festered and mutated (by virtue of being ignored) are terribly frightening and, thus, must be pushed away more and more.” Adapted from Narcissism: Surviving the Self-Involved   

In an article from the Berkeley Haas Newsroom, Michael Blanding discusses Professor Jennifer Chatman’s paper published in The Leadership Quarterly. The paper examines narcissistic CEOs in the workplace. In particular, Chatman and colleagues determined that narcissistic CEOs are more likely to involve their companies in lawsuits. Blanding writes: “…Chatman and her colleagues’ research joins a [...]

If you are the child of a narcissist, it can be difficult to know where you stand. From being in denial to feeling inferior, having a narcissistic parent creates a lasting impact. Read “Adored, Reviled, and Forgotten by the Narcissist” on Psychology Today  here

“The more I accept exactly what the situation is…the better off I am. Reality is in the present, not the past. I notice, more and more, there is a certain kind of mourning that goes with letting go of the illusion and seeing that the relationship is not what I thought it was going to [...]

When certain, negative beliefs are ascribed by a narcissistic parent, a child’s psyche suffers. This realization requires self-awareness in adulthood in order to create change. Read “You Can’t Heal the Narcissist but You Can Heal Your Life” featured on Psychology Today here

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