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You may have been conditioned to call yourself “emotional”. Your narcissistic parent may align with you, calling both of you “the sensitive/creative/smart/misunderstood/etc. ones.” Don’t get too attached to any of it. The important thing to keep in mind is that, for the narcissist, the words and labels are hollow and subject to change. Adapted from [...]

An interesting article featured on Thrive Global examines the similarities and differences between narcissism and egocentrism. Elisabetta Franzoso writes: “As egocentrics, we are unable to see someone else’s point of view and in narcissism we may see it, but just not care…we can begin to see how the two character traits do not marry well [...]

“For the narcissist, true union is much too frightening…joining represents loss of self. The narcissistic person, rather, will annihilate the other in order to “live.” Now add a child to the dynamic. We see the potential for the narcissistic person to grow increasingly jealous, envious, and enraged as their child threatens to transfer the affection [...]

In a post featured on Psychology Today, Darlene Lancer, JD, LMFT writes about covert narcissism. Lancer explains: “On the surface, they can be hard to identify. These narcissists may appear shy, humble, or anxious. Their gratification may be indirect through their emotional investment in someone they admire. They take things personally and feel distrustful, mistreated, [...]

“Today I understand that my feelings about the narcissist and about myself need not interfere with my recovery. I recognize that recovery is about slowly gaining perspective and insight about myself to better heal and grow…I understand that recovery is not a race to finish. Recovery is another name for healing, growing, changing, and, perhaps, [...]

Think of a motion picture projector, how it projects a picture out there, on the wall. For the narcissist, other people are the walls and they are the projector. Bad feelings are relegated to the other person (“Why are you always in a foul mood?” “Why do you always have to have your way?” “You [...]

In an article featured on, Lindsay Dodgson explains the difference between healthy and toxic anger. The article quotes psychologist Perpetua Neo who says: “When anger is a constant and disruptive part of your life, though, that’s when it’s not so useful. In relationships, it’s normal to argue. But if you’re consistently raging at each [...]

“Inferiority is an issue for an individual with narcissism. This often includes feeling inferior to one’s offspring. If a parent struggles with their own sense of worth, this can be passed on to their child. In other words, the child acts less than the parent so that the parent can be greater than the child.” [...]

“Manipulation come in a variety of packages; we often know when we’re being played but might not pay attention to the voice within that is telling us to steer clear. The person, after all, seems so nice, and everyone talks so highly of them. While there are many authentically, genuinely nice, down-to-earth people, the narcissist [...]

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