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See the n’s wrath for what it is: a desperate attempt to keep you engaged. Some of us are scared to step away. We have seen the n retaliate; we have experienced his or her wrath. Understand how important it is to recognize that the wrath is simply another way the n tries to rope [...]

In her article titled “How to Stop Thinking About Something That’s Bothering You” author Amy Morin explains how negative thinking impacts our mood. She writes: “Feeling down or thinking about unpleasant things isn’t always bad. Sometimes, it’s part of the healing process…it’s important to differentiate between ruminating and problem-solving. If you’re dwelling on the problem, [...]

Deep down, I know that the narcissist is going to do the things narcissists do, and that those things eventually hurt me. Today, my goal is only to be neutral about my situation. When a feeling comes up, I notice it and feel it, then watch it subside. By noticing my feelings, I am less [...]

In a piece featured on Harvard Business Review, Michael Gervais, PhD, details how we are often held back by the opinions of others. He explains: “If you start paying less and less attention to what makes you you — your talents, beliefs, and values — and start conforming to what others may or may not think, you’ll [...]

“People can become “experts” in a topic such as narcissism, but still be in pain. Each and every day, there are new opportunities to take steps to grow and to learn and to discover freedom. This is only the beginning. The healing process need not take you out of day-to-day life.” From When Your Parent [...]

Jonathan Lambert’s interview with author Fritz Breithaupt offers an interesting look at empathy. Breithaupt explains its darker side: “Vampiristic empathy is a form of empathy where people want to manipulate the people they empathize with so that they can, through them, experience the world in such a way that they really enjoy it.” Read “Does [...]

Part of what makes the n tick is bait—having it, flaunting it, using it. Bait is an outside manifestation of inside emptiness and loneliness. Don’t feel sorry—be aware. You contribute to bait and all its reverberations when you react to it. From Narcissism: Surviving the Self-Involved

In an article on, contributor Stephanie Sarkis explains how to properly identify and handle a gaslighting, narcissistic boss. Sarkis writes: “A gaslighting/narcissist boss isn’t just ignorant—he lives for getting power and control over others. There is nothing better to a gaslighter/narcissist than to make you feel dependent on them for your job, while at [...]

You may have been conditioned to call yourself “emotional”. Your narcissistic parent may align with you, calling both of you “the sensitive/creative/smart/misunderstood/etc. ones.” Don’t get too attached to any of it. The important thing to keep in mind is that, for the narcissist, the words and labels are hollow and subject to change. Adapted from [...]

An interesting article featured on Thrive Global examines the similarities and differences between narcissism and egocentrism. Elisabetta Franzoso writes: “As egocentrics, we are unable to see someone else’s point of view and in narcissism we may see it, but just not care…we can begin to see how the two character traits do not marry well [...]

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