Are You the Child of a Narcissist?

In healthy development, the parent “exists” for the sake of the child. With the narcissistic parent, the child “exists” for the sake of the parent. You may be the child of a narcissist if you’ve been:

-Blamed for causing their discomfort

-Accused of doing what the narcissist is doing (and denying)―being cold, selfish, manipulative, and so on

-Compared to someone else who always does everything perfectly

-Attacked about something that the parent knows you are sensitive about

-Caught off guard, even though these things have happened before

-Confused and wounded after being reprimanded for doing something you were told to do, but -then the parent did the bait and switch and you were blamed for how they felt

-Told to stop causing drama, that the parent hates drama, and that you don’t understand how much relationships mean to him or her

From When Your Parent Is a Narcissist