About Meredith Gordon Resnick

Meredith Gordon Resnick holds a California license in clinical social work (LCSW). She earned her MSW at San Diego State University.

As early as her clinical internship on a locked mental health unit for adolescents during graduate school, Meredith grew interested in the resiliency of patients diagnosed with severe mental and emotional disorders, many of whom had been abandoned by their parents. Wasn’t it a lot to ask of a child to somehow synthesize and integrate these profound experiences? Yes. Why did some fare better? One underlying factor seemed to be a feeling of potency, of power, something that came from the inside despite external circumstances. Once recognized by the child through therapy and support, it could never fully be “unseen” by him or her again. This was the foundation—and a springboard—for their growth. And the topic she chose for her master project which centered on internal locus of control.

Since then she has worked with patients and clients at every stage of the life cycle.

As a writer, Meredith makes complex topics accessible to all readers, bringing accessibility and clarity to topics related to human nature that often baffle and confuse. Her books are reader-friendly, affirming, and trauma-informed, with equal parts reality and hope. As a therapist, Meredith helps individuals explore their patterns of behavior, the space between outer expectations and inner desire, and the creative relationship between the heart and the mind.

Meredith’s therapy website is under construction. In the meantime, for more about Meredith’s writing, visit her website: meredithresnick.com