A Child’s Need for Attention

A narcissistic parent will often subjugate a child’s simple need for attention. As a result of this dynamic the child may:

-Perceive himself as an appendage of the parent, with traits that must be routinely and often haphazardly approved of by the parent in order to keep from being amputated and discarded

-Perceive himself as an already amputated part of the parent and carrier of the parents’ disowned bad traits (which the child believes belong to them)

-Perceive himself as less than the parent or not good enough to be the parent’s child

-Perceive himself as better than the parent and try extraordinarily hard to subvert this feeling

Most notable about this list is what is not included―the child feeling a level of comfort. It’s only with that comfort that the child can show the world who they really truly are.

From When Your Parent Is a Narcissist