Suckered in by the narcissist

The many masks faces of narcissism.

This is a really, really good post from Dr. Anita Kelly’s Psychology Today blog, Insight. It’s about narcissism and it’s titled, “Who Falls for Dishonest People? Not Who You’d Expect”

An excerpt:

“If you are an honest person with a narcissistic partner, I hope you can forgive yourself for tolerating the lying, cheating, and exploitation. It is because of your wonderful qualities of sincerity, fairness, and modesty that such a haughty, dishonest person could wiggle into your life. Please don’t think of yourself as a target or “sucker.” Next time, you will be more sensitive to signs of callousness and exploitation, and no doubt think twice before letting a narcissist into your life.”

Read the entire post by clicking here to get to Psychology Today.