The Meaning Behind Spoken Words

With the narcissist, it’s often the unspoken words that carry the crucial part of the message. Notice the underlying meanings and [unspoken words].

    • If you stay, I’ll help you fix everything you need to fix [for me].
    • If you leave, you’re a quitter [and we* don’t accept quitters].
      *the narcissist doesn’t speak for the self but rather uses the collective “we” for power
    • Letting go means you’ve given up [on me].
    • If you let go [of me] it means you haven’t practiced hard enough, haven’t been dedicated long enough, and haven’t wanted it enough.
    • You’re my everything, you’re my world—you hold all the power [which is what I say to you to keep you coming back to me].

From When Your Parent Is a Narcissist

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