Subtle Signs Of Narcissism

Some signs of narcissism can be more subtle. If we are open to the signs, we can better recognize narcissistic behavior.

Here are some narcissistic characteristics we often “accept”:

The narcissist tends to:
Take ideas—as in steal your ideas, jokes, stories, as well as credit for a job well done. They might even tell you, and be proud of it.
Snag an identity—as in yours. If you are a writer, for example, they will feel envy and want to be a writer. They may claim that you got your inspiration to write from them. If you have signed up for a class, they will sign up for two classes. Or three.
Project—if a feeling is unpleasant to them, the narcissist will unconsciously assign it to someone else. If the person feels enraged or angry, they will state that you are the one with all the rage.

By learning to pay attention, we have a greater chance of sidestepping drama.

From Narcissism: Surviving the Self-Involved

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