Spaces Between Words: Intuition

I’m growing more interested in the subtle cues that present themselves…I’m beginning to understand that this is my intuition, which I can also think of as my heart and mind working in union. The more I practice paying attention to the cues my intuition gives…the more I reinforce its power, and the stronger my ability to…follow my intuition becomes. I listen to the spaces between words. Surviving The Narcissist: 30 Days of Recovery

Listening to the voices that guide us is an important step in cultivating self-awareness. But how do we do this? In an article on titled “I’ve got a gut feeling: Harnessing the power of intuition,” writer John Rampton explains the benefits of becoming more intuitive. From analyzing our dreams to practicing mindfulness to journaling, Rampton describes several ways we can strengthen our intuitive abilities. Rampton writes:

“Make no mistake about it. Intuition is a powerful part of our intelligence that can assist us in making better decisions.”

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