Get Grateful!

“I understand that my focus on the person with narcissism also meant I was neglecting myself. I recognize that self-care is simply another way to help me practice keeping the focus on myself and I am grateful for that.” Surviving the Narcissist:
30 Days of Recovery

In an article from TIME magazine titled “9 Easy Ways to Get More Grateful,” Ellen Seidman explains how honing in on gratefulness can impact our health in a variety of positive ways. Seidman writes:

“As I grow older, I’m getting more appreciative of the people and creature comforts that make me feel loved and contented. One study estimated that for every 10 years of life, gratitude increases by 5%. And that, the research suggests, is beneficial to our bodies and minds: People who are regularly grateful—who acknowledge the goodness in life and the sources of it—are generally healthier and happier.”

From writing letters to loved ones, keeping a gratitude journal, and simply saying thanks, the article offers several science-backed and psychologist-suggested ways to become more grateful.

Read the entire article here

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