Entanglements With a Narcissist

As a result of an entanglement with a narcissist, we may feel:

{exploited} the result of feeling used for another’s needs.

{left out} if you’ve worked hard to make the narcissist feel comfortable, they may have no use for you now.

{ridiculed, and then humiliated} it is typical for a narcissist to put down someone they sense as a threat.

{deceived} why didn’t we see the problem? How could someone use us for their own gratification?

{ostracized} part of what allows the narcissist to feel in control lies in the ability to push all negative feelings onto another person.

{criticized} negative remarks aimed toward someone else relieve the negative impulses and feelings that live inside the narcissist.

{confused+dumbfounded+baffled} coldness, contempt and odd reactions seem to come out of nowhere.

{desperate, beyond desperate to please} this may be caused by our own fear of loss, to avoid confrontation or even mild disagreement.

{less than+demoted} like their life is better/more interesting/valuable/meaningful than ours.

{at fault} we may find ourselves thinking that we could have controlled the situation if we’d acted differently.

{anxious+panic} being attacked verbally can have this affect.

{feeling impotent} unable to muster any sense of being able to care for the self.

{hurt} encounters with a person who lacks empathy for us is painful.

{sad} we so very much wanted the relationship to work.

From: Narcissism: Surviving The Self-Involved

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