Embracing Vulnerability

“…Vulnerability allows me to examine my past behaviors… I’ll refrain from putting myself down, from berating myself, and even from trying to “improve” myself if I use these attempts to improve as excuses to shame myself. I need not judge my feelings, only notice them…Vulnerability is a gift. Today, I’m learning to be vulnerable with myself…” Surviving The Narcissist: 30 Days of Recovery

In this article from Inc.com titled “Why Embracing Vulnerability Is Crucial to Workplace Success,” Jacob Morgan explains how expressing vulnerability can be an asset in the workplace. Morgan explains:

“Everyone has vulnerabilities, emotions, and personality components for good or bad. By hiding those vulnerabilities, employees and managers are essentially denying a major part of their personalities. Vulnerability allows people to connect on a different level, which can lead to increased collaboration, productivity, and cohesiveness. Being vulnerable means taking a risk, which can be daunting for one employee to do, but when all employees feel comfortable taking the vulnerability plunge, everyone can benefit.”

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