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Book #3 is...finally here! When Your Parent Is a Narcissist: Uncovering origins, patterns, and unconscious dynamics—to help you grow and let go Thank you, readers, for all your emails asking when it would be here (and your patience). In this book I set out to explore, distill, deconstruct and demystify the complex and convoluted relationship between [...]

During any political season we see MANY personality traits on parade. In this New York Times piece, Robert Klitzman, a professor of psychiatry and the director of the bioethics master’s program at Columbia University, ask if therapists should analyze and publicly "diagnose" these candidates. He begins when a journalist asks him what he thinks (from a [...]

I'm working on a third book about narcissism, this one about narcissistic parents. But recently, a friend shared this article with me: How to Not Raise a Narcissist. It's from PBS NewsHour, written by Rebecca Jacobson. It's about little kids and what parents do to make them narcissists. And it got me thinking about the [...]

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