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Obsessing is what I do to unconsciously avoid addressing something. When I obsess about, for example, whether I’m good enough, I can take this as a sign that I’m avoiding looking at the real problem that may be, for instance, my fear of being abandoned. Obsessions are distractions that keep me from feeling the sadness [...]

Narcissism is a widely misunderstood condition. In an article on Psychology Today titled “Meet the Real Narcissists (They’re Not What You Think)” Rebecca Webber breaks down common misconceptions and stereotypes and explains what labeling someone a narcissist actually means. The term narcissist has been widely deployed to describe not only a passel of difficult relatives [...]

Although not all of the following titles reference narcissistic personality disorder specifically, they all feature toxic relationships, manipulative dynamics and unhealthy patterns which can be helpful to see as you familiarize yourself with the impact of the narcissist in your life. Emma in the Night: A Novel by Wendy Walker Three years earlier, teenage sisters [...]

Once you determine that you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you might consider asking yourself the following questions. Can I accept the relationship for exactly what it is right now, without trying to change it, and am I willing to live this way? Can I accept the other individual for exactly what they [...]

From peer support to breathing techniques, there are a variety of apps geared towards helping mental health. An article from The Guardian titled “Staying appy: mental health apps deliver mixed results” by Kim Thomas goes over the pros and cons of these apps, as well as what to look for when selecting an app for [...]

In a blog post titled “The Narcissistic Personality: How They Think” featured on, Joe Navarro M.A. provides helpful insight into how narcissistic and toxic people operate. Navarro writes: “In doing the research, in talking to the victims and listening to story after story of stolen childhoods, destructive marriages, and burdensome relationships, I heard the [...]

The child of a narcissist may have unwittingly absorbed their parent’s anger and internal rage. But because these things truly belong to the parent, the child cannot heal, fix, or change them. The only thing that can help undo the dynamic is when the child detaches from the narcissistic parent. The adult child of a [...]

In an article titled “Why Getting Angry Can Make You Happier in the Long Run” featured on, Amanda MacMillan describes the results of a study on happiness conducted at the University of Jerusalem. The study reveals why negative and unpleasant emotions lead to greater happiness in life. MacMillan quotes lead researcher Maya Tamir, a [...]

“I understand that my focus on the person with narcissism also meant I was neglecting myself. I recognize that self-care is simply another way to help me practice keeping the focus on myself and I am grateful for that.” Surviving the Narcissist:
30 Days of Recovery In an article from TIME magazine titled “9 Easy Ways [...]

“Some souls are like sponges. You cannot squeeze anything out of them except what they have sucked from you.”- Kahlil Gibran Reverse projection: hang around a narcissist enough and, soon, you’ll be projecting, too. Only in this case, you’ll find that you project all your assets onto the n. (The actual asset, creativity, for example, [...]