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“I understand that my focus on the person with narcissism also meant I was neglecting myself. I recognize that self-care is simply another way to help me practice keeping the focus on myself and I am grateful for that.” Surviving the Narcissist:
30 Days of Recovery In an article from TIME magazine titled “9 Easy Ways [...]

“Some souls are like sponges. You cannot squeeze anything out of them except what they have sucked from you.”- Kahlil Gibran Reverse projection: hang around a narcissist enough and, soon, you’ll be projecting, too. Only in this case, you’ll find that you project all your assets onto the n. (The actual asset, creativity, for example, [...]

These simple steps can help break open the obsession cycle with the n. Practice may be necessary. Recognize. Recognize that the obsession with the n is something you have grown accustomed to, and understand that removing it will be uncomfortable. Don’t let that stop you from moving on. Regroup. Bring the focus back to you, [...]

In an article titled “7 Signs You’re Dealing With a Passive-Aggressive Person” Jeffrey Kluger explains several common traits and actions of passive-aggressive people (including as disguised insults and non-compliments) and how we can successfully recognize and combat them. Kluger writes: “…Passive-aggression is there but it’s not, you see it and you don’t. It’s aggression as [...]

An article featured in the New York Post by Becky Pemberton chronicles “Love Bombing,” a manipulative dating trend. Pemberton defines this as: “…a seductive tactic, where a manipulative person tries to control another individual with “bombs,” brimming from day one.” Pemberton includes insights from psychologist Dale Archer who says: “The important thing to remember about [...]

“…By saying, “No thank you” you are actually rescuing yourself. When we focus on the other person, we lose track of what we actually do or say. You may see that what you are feeling bad about having done or said is not actually something you did or say, but rather something that the narcissist [...]

Until we gain perspective, the pain of dealing with a narcissist can slice deep. But what should we do if we are scared or we are not ready for big changes? Although seeking help from a licensed therapist can help, here are a few things to try: Abstain from reacting and simply notice what the [...]

To say that parents are the soil in which children grow is a good metaphor for looking at the parent-child relationship. With a healthy parent-child relationship, the baby feeds, internalizes and synthesizes the parent’s nutrients, and neutralizes the toxins and contaminants. However, the baby with a narcissistic parent accommodates the toxins and contaminants and toxicity [...]

“Manipulations come in a variety of packages; we often know in our hearts when we’re being played, but might not pay attention to the voice within that is telling us to steer clear…the narcissist is the one who seems too good to be true.” from Narcissism: Surviving the Self-Involved In a blog post on [...]

I’m growing more interested in the subtle cues that present themselves…I’m beginning to understand that this is my intuition, which I can also think of as my heart and mind working in union. The more I practice paying attention to the cues my intuition gives…the more I reinforce its power, and the stronger my ability [...]

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