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In an article from The New York Times, Jonah Engel Bromwich interviews comedy writer Megan Ganz, who asked for and received an apology from her former boss, Dan Harmon. Harmon abused his position of power to harass and mistreat Ganz after she rejected his romantic advances. Ganz says: "The most important part of the apology was [...]

In an article from The Cut titled "Using Anger-Management Techniques to Cope With 2017" Eliza McCarthy describes how to effectively utilize anger-management therapy techniques. McCarthy writes: "It wasn’t that I wanted to get rid of anger, necessarily. I just wanted to be better at being angry — more comfortable with the emotion, more prepared to [...]

In an article from Time Magazine titled "4 Ways to Become Stress-Free Just About Anywhere" writer Eric Baker explores several, unconventional but scientifically backed-up ways to alleviate stress. Baker writes: "...There are some great methods to train your mind to reduce stress…But they take work. And right now you’re too stressed out for any of [...]

Step outside! A study conducted by Ph.D. student Holli-Anne Passmore at the University of British Columbia has determined that observing nature can make us feel happier. In an article on Medical News Today, Maria Cohut chronicles the study. Cohut writes: "If you see some blades of grass unexpectedly emerging from among the train tracks, or [...]

Arrogance, self-service, and manipulation are classic narcissistic behaviors. An article from the New York Times titled "Weinstein’s Complicity Machine" chronicles how Harvey Weinstein used his power to manipulate and exploit those around him in order to silence his victims. The article says: "...He commanded enablers, silencers and spies, warning others who discovered his secrets to say [...]

In an article from The Cut titled "11 Stress Experts on Surviving the Constant Anxiety That Is 2017" Katie Heaney compiles a list of several helpful, professionally-backed ways to deal. Heaney writes: "If you’re feeling a persistent, low-level dread, you’re not alone....a recent...survey found that 63 percent of American say “the future of the nation” [...]

Obsessing is what I do to unconsciously avoid addressing something. When I obsess about, for example, whether I’m good enough, I can take this as a sign that I’m avoiding looking at the real problem that may be, for instance, my fear of being abandoned. Obsessions are distractions that keep me from feeling the sadness [...]

Narcissism is a widely misunderstood condition. In an article on Psychology Today titled “Meet the Real Narcissists (They're Not What You Think)” Rebecca Webber breaks down common misconceptions and stereotypes and explains what labeling someone a narcissist actually means. The term narcissist has been widely deployed to describe not only a passel of difficult relatives [...]

Although not all of the following titles reference narcissistic personality disorder specifically, they all feature toxic relationships, manipulative dynamics and unhealthy patterns which can be helpful to see as you familiarize yourself with the impact of the narcissist in your life. Emma in the Night: A Novel by Wendy Walker Three years earlier, teenage sisters [...]

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