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SURVIVING THE NARCISSIST: 30 Days of Recovery–Whether You’re Loving, Leaving, or Living With One

In-depth support for the most intense period of recovery – the first 30 days. View yourself through the lens of recovery while deepening your knowledge of narcissism to keep it from manipulating your life.

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A long and detailed article called I heart me: Our extreme 24/7 cult of the self in the Mail&Guardian (Narcissism: Surviving the Self-Involved is mentioned) focuses on how social media has fueled a new level of "me-ness." From the article: "It’s all about Me, where we’ve come to believe everything we say, do and think [...]

Texas journalist Ruth Pennebaker, creator of the award-winning Fabulous Geezer Sisters blog about, in part, living a life void of game playing and false pretenses. She interviewed me about the first 30 days of recovery. About Surviving the Narcissist; 30 Days of Recovery she writes: "’s a deceptively simple book on taking care of yourself [...]

Surviving the Narcissist: 30 Days of Recovery--Whether You're Loving, Leaving, or Living With One is on sale. My newest book includes 30 days of guided meditations to help get you through the crucial first thirty days of recovery from the narcissist. Here is an excerpt from the section titled: A Meditation on Recovery From the [...]

The term narcissist has become somewhat diluted. We call people narcissists who are rude or pushy, and those who blather on about themselves without asking about anyone else. Sure, they might ultimately be "narcissists" but true narcissistic personality disorder is rare. What's not rare, however, is the manifestation of narcissistic traits. A critical mass of [...]

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